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Economic Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer – CPF GECA- Italy 

OxygeN Analyzer ราคาประหยัด จากอิตตาลี

Ziconium oxide probe for Oxygen (T.max. 700°C).
This application represented by the use of zirconium oxide probe for O2 measurement allows to overcome the disadvantages connected to the electrochemical cell, that as well known, cannot be placed in direct contact to combustion fumes. The probe TS236 is self rechargeable and does not need of any suction circuits: improving feedback time, accuracy, maintenance and, not least, easy installation. Made in an aluminium cast housing where the sensor is housed in a stainless steel stem fitted with a threaded joint for the fastening to the chimney.

• Output: 4÷20 mA (0-25% O2)
• Measuring range: 0-25%
• Resolution: 0.1%
• Calibration: automatic
• Working Temperature: Probe 0 / +800°C
• Response Timing T90: < 10 seconds
• Repeatability: 1% on signal
• Medium Life: >160.000 Hours

 Crowcon gas detector Crowcon gas detector Crowcon gas detector Crowcon gas detector Crowcon gas detector Crowcon gas detector Crowcon gas detector
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