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เครื่องวัดคุณภาพอากาศที่ปล่องและบรรยากาศ----------------- CEMS Continuous Emission Monitoring / DAS

   EasyLine Continuous Gas Analyzers
   ABB Model ABB EL3020 ABB EL3040 Gas Analyzer

EL3020 EL3040

ABB EasyLine Continuous Gas Analyzers includes models:
ABB EL3020
ABB EL3040
The ABB gas analyzer is designed for continuous measurement of the concentration of individual components in gases or vapors.
The advantages to you – ABB EasyLine offers:
Flame Ionization Detector
Proven analyzer technology
Intuitive operation via five buttons
UV photometer
Infrared photometer
Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer
Electrochemical oxygen sensor
Thermal conductivity analyzer
Trace oxygen analyzer
Extensive self-diagnosis functions
Internal QAL3 reporting option according EN 14181
Web server included for easy read-out by Internet browsers
First analyzers already meets the new European guideline EN 15267
19″ wide for rack mounting
Compact, purgeable IP65 enclosure for wall mounting

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